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“The Best in Strolling and Close up Magic

and Mentalism” 

Close up Magician and Mentalist

John is a high energy close up magician and mentlalist. His easy going attitude and comedy backghround allows him to fit into any event.  Guests are more entertained in addition to being amazed.
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Being a full time entertainer for more than 20 years John has honed my skills as a magician to the point where I have immediate rapport with your guests.

Also being a comedian has helped me interact and allow the guests to open up and enjoy with out first having to break down social barriers.

This allows me to to help you. I am able to entertain a larger quanty of  guests in a more entertaining and fun way. Very often with laughter along with great magic  allows  your event to be one of a kind and memorable.

 Audience participation is the key to a successful magical entertainer at your event!   Everyone feels that they made the magic happen!